Aerial Arts

Aerial dance is a subgenre of modern dance first recognized in the United States in the 1970s. The choreography incorporates an apparatus often attached to the ceiling. This consists of Silks, also called Fabric or Tissue, which is an extended piece of fabric attached in the middle to the ceiling to create two long tails or Lyra, also known as Hoop, which is a steel ring hung vertically from the ceiling.

Aerial Arts Classes

Aerial Arts Monthly Enrollment Tuition Rates

$80 per month ($20.00 per class)
$144 per month ($18.00 per class)
$192 per month ($16.00 per class)

Aerial Arts Pre-Paid Class Cards

$60.00 ($20.00 per class)
$130.00 ($26.00 per class)
$230.00 ($23.00 per class)

A $25.00 Registration Fee per student (maximum of $50.00 per family with multiple students) will be charged upon enrollment each dance season. This is applicable to both monthly tuition and class card holders.

What to expect: First time students or new to Avanti: It is recommended that you sign up/reserve your spot in class online prior to your arrival. We also recommend you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your first/initial class to complete any remaining registration forms and payment if applicable and begin warming up.

Reservations and Cancellations: Aerial classes are limited to a maximum of nine (9) students to ensure sufficient time on the apparatus for each person. Drop-in’s are welcome Monday through Thursday provided the classes are not already full. Please call first to confirm availability. Sunday classes require prior online reservation. Cancellations must be made 24 hours from the time of the scheduled class if you are not able to attend.

Clothing: More coverage is recommended for comfort and avoiding abrasions. Tight but not restrictive clothing is best. We suggest wearing track or yoga pants/leggings and a full length shirt. No booty shorts or bra tops please.

Warm-up: With any aerial arts class you must be warmed up before beginning. We recommend either taking a dance class prior to your scheduled aerial class or arriving 10 minutes early to warm up and stretch on the floor.

Is it safe? Our goal is to prevent injury by following precautions, using good form and proper technique. Our instructors specialize in teaching aerial arts, especially to children where safety comes first. Age and skill level curriculums are followed to create an extremely safe and fun environment. Students learn at a pace where they feel confident and comfortable.

Class Instruction: Classes are 1 hour long and will include aerial stretches, conditioning on the apparatus, focus on technique, and learning new skills. The aerial staff will guide you with placement and proper form to ensure you are executing exercises safely. Students will learn to climb the apparatus, invert in the air, and hang upside down. As strength, stamina and confidence increases the student will learn various more advanced skills such as choreography and sequences with stylized flips, flexibility tricks, wraps, slides, drops, and descends. Class concludes with a free dance and light stretching/cool-down on the apparatus.

  • Is Aerial Dance difficult?
  • Even those who have no dance training or who don’t consider themselves athletic can participate in aerial arts. No experience is necessary to start our classes. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to try!
  • What is the minimum age for children?
  • The minimum age at Avanti to participate in Aerial arts is seven (7) years of age.
  • Open Gym
  • Open gym is available only to intermediate/advanced students where they can work on mastering their own skills in a practice setting. While an aerial arts instructor will be available for supervision and assistance, students will work on their own. Eligibility- All students must have taken a minimum of six (6) classes before participating in open gym or be assessed for level by the instructor prior. Open gym is available on a drop in basis and is limited to six (6) students. Apparatus availability is on a first come bases.
  • Aerial Private Lessons/Workshops
  • Private lessons and semi-private lessons are available upon request, for more individual attention. Workshops may be offered throughout the year which will be available for intermediate to advanced students looking to expand their skill level through an intensive training session.