Avanti Academy

Our AVANTI Academy is a one-of-a-kind program, geared toward intermediate level dancers, ages 8-16, who want to take their dancing to the next level.

This is an invite-only program, in which teachers will select dancers from their classes who are always prepared, dressed appropriately, working hard, exuding positivity, and thirsty for knowledge at every class they take!

We have created the AVANTI Academy for these passionate young dancers to move forward in their dance education, without the hefty schedule of Performance Company.

After only a few months, these dancers will have built a strong foundation in ballet, jazz, and other styles, and take immense pride in their technique.

After graduation of AVANTI Academy (one or two years), these dancers will be ready to integrate into AVANTI Performance Company and/or other various performance programs.

Schedules for AVANTI Academy dancers will vary of course, but minimally three hours per week plus one hour per week private class time for each age group (ages 8-11 and ages 12-16).