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Acro/Tumbling Classes

Tiny Tumblers:

Ages 3-5. Students will learn to safely execute floor tumbling technique that is age appropriate for their developmental level. May also include balance work, stretch and flexibility training, navigating obstacles to help build stamina and strength.

Tumbling I-Intro to Tumbling:

Ages 5 and up. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals and safety of tumbling. They will also do fun strength training skills. Goals to master will be an unsupported bridge, front roll, cartwheel, and handstand. No prior experience necessary.

Tumbling II-Beginning Tumbling:

Students must have a cartwheel, handstand and an unsupported bridge to transition to Level II. Goals to master will be kick over from a bridge, handstand to front limber, standing round off and one arm cartwheel.

Tumbling III- Beginning/Intermediate Tumbling:

Students must have a bridge kick over, front limber and a one armed cartwheel to transition to Level III. Goals are to master dive cartwheels, back walk over, front walk over, and running round off.

Tumbling IV-Intermediate Tumbling:

Students must have a back walk over, front walk over, dive cartwheel and a running round off to transition to Level IV. Goals to master will be a side aerial, back handspring and a running dive front walk over or front aerial.

Tumbling V-Advanced Tumbling:

Students must have an aerial and a back handspring or front aerial to transition to Level V. Goals to master will be round off back handspring, back tucks, lay outs, fulls, front tucks, combination passes and other advanced level skills.

Several times per year Avanti Dance Company will hold weekend Acro-Tumbling workshops which are 1.5 hours in length and are geared towards students concentrating on specific skills they are trying to learn or perfect. These workshops are offered for all levels. Be sure to check out our Master Classes/Workshops page for more details about upcoming events.